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Due to COVID-19, my spiritual workshops and retreats are on pause. 


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While each experience is uniquely crafted, past event topics have covered: 

  • Life transitions and transformations (e.g., emotional, job, divorce, trauma)
  • Stop living your life for others and start putting yourself first
  • Understanding and integrating self-care into your life   
  • Boundary setting, why it’s critical, and how to keep them enforced
  • Breaking through barriers, stop playing the victim and create the life you desire 
  • Chakra System, what it is, how it works, understanding your body’s signals
  • Total self-acceptance, what that looks like, and how to implement it 
  • Your intuition and natural psychic abilities are always speaking to you, how to start paying attention, listening, and implementing them in your life

Prior to taking the Chakra Chicks class, I was struggling with another deep bout of depression, anxiety and obsessing about performing in a high-pressure job that left me feeling depleted, and many days in tears. The Chakra class brought great awareness to my physical body and emotions and how I can utilize them as indicators… “Ashley N.”

Ashley N.

Nadia’s powerful and energizing message in the Soul Care Six Pack Course has given me real concrete uses and everyday connections that I use and apply to my daily life!


Through Nadia’s education, career, and life experiences, she has put together a program that feels like it was tailor made for each participant in the group! Take the course!

Katherine L.